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Selling Our home

Great experience selling with Justin! Answered all my questions and we were able to sell it quickly! Great service!

selling our home

It is with great pleasure that I am asked to write a letter of reference. We dealt with Justin when we were selling our first home. Our home was a semi-detatched house with what we felt was no real advantages, in a market that had a lot of semis available. When Justin first assessed our home he made recomondations for improvements to set our home apart from the rest of the market. We made the recomended improvements which included finishing off a downstairs room, staging our home during showings, as well as some paint color changes in various rooms. Once our home was ready, we listed with Justin. Our home sold in less than a week. We purchased our second home through Justin and are extremely happy with what he was able to find us! In all honesty, when dealing with Justin, my husband and I didn’t feel like we were another listing. We felt and have no doubt that Justin genuinely cared that we were comfortable with the whole process and that we would get the highest value for our home. When the time is right for our next home, we are with out a doubt using Justin. I would recommend his service and expertise to anyone.